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At Serenity Pointe, you can spend time with other residents enjoying delicious meals, exciting social activities, and relaxing with all of your needs catered by our professional, compassionate,  and dedicated team. Serenity Pointe was crafted to offer you a refined, independent lifestyle, with all of the assistance you may need.


Integrity is at the center of every thing we do. You can rest assured that your family member will feel right at home and treated with the respect that they deserve.

At our Assisted Living facility you will not only find a safe home but a respecftul and fun environment.


Family Owned and Operated with one mission in mind:
To treat others as we would like to be treated.​

Exceptional Personalized Care

We understand that each resident comes with specific needs and expectations which we strive to match with unbridled passion. From their medications to their favorite dish to their favorite activity. we pride ourselves in making sure that each resident gets the service and attention that they deserve.

We are commited  so all expectations and needs are met succesfully since we consider each member of our Assisted living facility very valuable.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well...

Helen Ajiwe, Founder

Homemade Cuisine

At Serenity Pointe, we believe that food is medicine and flavor is everything and that’s why we provide you with the healthiest and most savory dishes.

Enjoy delicious homemade recipes made from scratch with nothing but our residents taste buds in mind.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Our communities combine advanced safety systems with an engaging environment that focuses on security for senior housing. We put safety first, balanced with a focus on providing autonomy for our ladies and gentlemen.

Whether it’s during your sleep, enjoying a delicious and healthy meal or doing recreational activities you can be sure you will always be safe and sound.


One of the main keys to a healthy and happy lifestyle is to have a clean and appealing surrounding, therefore we offer housekeeping services that will make sure your private and shared spaces are always optimized and ready for use. Let us do the heavy lifting.

At Serenity Pointe, we do our best to keep our home in pristine condition. Living areas are sanitized and cleaned daily.


Older adults experience a lot of limitations when it comes to transportation, whether it’s lack of access to a personal vehicle or physical challenges related to aging, such as visual and mobility impairments, that impact their ability to drive or use public transportation services.

At Serenity Pointe Care this is something you can take off your list of worries since we will provide transportation for your loved one.

Signature Assisted and Independent Living

We believe in aging well through purposeful living in every aspect of our assisted living services. We provide compassionate care 24/7 in an environment that encourages and supports the resident’s autonomy and privacy.

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