Change. It’s one of the most constant things in life. With that, moving can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, but especially for seniors who making some difficult decisions about what to take with them. Still, moving to an assisted living actually promotes independence among seniors and provides the freedom they may have been missing. Life is simply easier in an assisted living community, and your loved one will have more time to do all the things he or she finds important.

Assisted Living Checklist: What to Pack

In general, these are the items you should plan on bringing with your loved one to the assisted living community:

Home Furnishings

It’s important to make the environment as “home-like” as possible for your loved one, but don’t over-pack these belongings. The new living space will likely be smaller than what they’re accustomed to, so make sure to identify which items are the most important.


Some necessities can be provided by the assisted living community, so check first to see what might already be available to your loved one.



This list is not at all comprehensive so let us know if we missed anything!!

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